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→ Apr 2014 allmymetaphors:

april’s goal is learning to thank people who have hurt me rather than resenting them 
→ Apr 2014

ya know, life may be rough and i may be sad sometimes, but at least i’ve got the cutest bum on the planet

→ Apr 2014 corsicans:

48 (par Monica Mag)
→ Apr 2014
→ Apr 2014
Anonymous: I can't believe your sixteen! you look more mature than me! how dare you! HAHA

I’m sorry then haha :(

→ Apr 2014
→ Apr 2014 vinodaleoz:

→ Apr 2014

what should i watch on netflix?

→ Apr 2014
→ Apr 2014 allmymetaphors:

but i’m coping really well with things 
→ Apr 2014 akumaaizawa:

→ Apr 2014 aestheticgoddess:

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt (detail), oil and gold leaf on canvas, 1907–1908
→ Apr 2014 etzchaim:

-Frida Kahlo to Marty McConnell by Marty McConnell
→ Apr 2014 
recycled, kpk
→ Apr 2014 
but drinking cough syrup
when you didn’t have a cough
is ironic.
because in reality you’re
sicker than you thought.